Colourpop Makeup

Each year since freshman year of high school, I’ve become more and more invested in the art of makeup. I have tried out a least one product from most makeup brands, but my favorite collection of products comes from the quickly growing Colourpop. Founded in 2014, Colourpop is still working hard to attract attention. Colourpop’s mission is to be an affordable, cruelty-free luxury beauty brand that encourages diversity in high-quality makeup. In my opinion, this mission is excellently achieved. Unlike many makeup brands, Colourpop boasts a panel of 42 different, diverse foundation shades, each costing 12 dollars.

Recently, I’ve begun to observe that beauty brands often blatantly ignore their darker-skinned consumer population. While cruising the beauty aisle I see that the darkest foundations are barely deeper than my skin tone (I use Silk and Sandalwood from BareMinerals). It’s important that affordable brands like Colourpop make the extra stride to be fully inclusive with their products.

I bought my first Colourpop Matte X lippie about a year ago. Since then I have bought about a dozen more. Lippies are thinner lipsticks that allow you to achieve more precision with each swipe. Colourpop has a broad range of lip products, including basic lipsticks, liquid lipsticks (that have different subcategories for finishes), gloss, and lippies. Lippies are sold in a myriad of finishes, my ultimate favorite being the Matte X. The matte is creamy, comfortable, and makes the user’s lips look smooth and soft. I can wear the Love Life Matte X lippie stick for at least six hours without the need to reapply (if you eat, you will need to reapply). Colourpop is also constantly advertising sales to make their already-affordable products even more affordable! Colourpop is the best makeup brand of 2018, and I urge you to check it out if you’re interested in makeup too!

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