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Let’s Go Sunshine by The Kooks

Let’s Go Sunshine by The Kooks was released in late August of this year, and I continue to replay it every day; the soulful acoustics and unique vocals of lead singer Luke Pritchard push it to my personal number one. Inside In / Inside Out is their most popular album, including their hit song “Naive.” Since the 2006 release, The Kooks have produced some of their best music with Let’s Go Sunshine — most of which have a permanent spot on my Spotify playlist.

Among my favorites on the track is “No Pressure,” a simple and leisurely melody about enjoying the moment and letting one’s worries drift away. Over the summer, this was my go-to song for day trips through the mountains — experiences that “No Pressure” reminds me of to this day.

In addition to carefree tunes, Let’s Go Sunshine masters the classic slow song with “Picture Frame,” a steady, passionate song — violins included — about a toxic relationship. The singer struggles to let go: “You tell me the meaning of life is / To be happy and to give up loss / But you’ve never lost something you loved / But I turn around / How could I be angry at you?”

While I always enjoy the previous songs, “Fractured and Dazed” holds a special place in my heart. I discovered it in June, before the full album came out, and immediately fell in love with its nostalgic aura. At the time, I was attending a program in Asheville with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. “Fractured and Dazed” is about never letting go of love; each time I hear it I’m reminded of my friends from summer break. If I ever need remembrance of jovial days in log cabins, this song always takes me back along with the rest of The Kooks’ Let’s Go Sunshine.

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