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How To Get Away With Murder - Season 4

How To Get Away With Murder – Season 4

**Warning: Contains Spoilers**

The title of this show alone should entice anyone with a slight curiosity in devilish crime, but if you’re just simply interested in suspense and the exceptional actress that is Viola Davis then How To Get Away With Murder is the show for you.

It would be this season which would bear change and emotional baggage. One of the Keating 5, Wes, has just died by arson in Mrs. Keating’s home and now she carries a formidable amount of guilt as she thought of Wes as her own son. It would be from Mrs. Keating’s dire alcoholism which would put her career in jeopardy at the beginning of the season, leading her to endure counseling to maintain her status. With the Keating 5 no longer under the supervision of Mrs. Keating herself, they soon find themselves in search of new career paths. This season it would seem that each character was able to find their own direction in life, instead of constantly following Mrs. Keating and her tumultuous world. Though that may be, Connor — probably one of the most bothersome and pessimistic characters in TV history — found himself working for Mrs. Keating after constantly blaming her for his own dilemmas. We got to see more of Laurel this season as she carried out a fierce vendetta against her father for the death of Wes, her supposed baby’s father. Laurel was able to convince Michaela and Oliver, a tech genius and Connor’s boyfriend, to help her in taking down her father by exposing corrupt deals made within his company. You can tell that this season conveys revenge, new beginnings, and of course, more murder.

There are still numerous questions left unanswered by the abrupt mid-season finale and many of the characters and their fate remain undecided. Yet, another murder has taken place and someone must pay, but of course, this mystery remains unsolved.

You can watch one of the most dramatic and insane shows of 2017 in the new year as it returns on January 18th on ABC.

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