Frank Ocean

It’s pretty difficult for Frank Ocean to have the best album roll-out of 2017 when he never even released an album that year. In 2016, Frank Ocean released “Blonde”, a year’s best for many. However, the album still hasn’t stopped receiving attention– Frank Ocean extended “Blonde” from being only a mere album to a collective label for all of his projects in 2017. These include radio shows, clothes, videos, photographs, books, and more projects that the R&B artist took on over this past year.

Ocean was able to fabricate a fascinating world of culture that immersed fans in something more than music; a community. As he teased fans with anything–radio shows to tumblr posts– a community of individuals found themselves tied together with a common bond of interest and excitement for the artist.

Personally, waiting with other Frank Ocean fans was one of my favorite activities of this year; group chats on Twitter were made, along with a few friends, to gossip and discuss his work. Aside from creating such an emotionally invested fandom, Frank Ocean himself is just so interesting. As a man of mystery and few words, Frank Ocean exhibits his style with such suave and elegance that can make anything enticing. Frank Ocean did not only keep creating beautiful music singles into 2017, but also kept being a fan of his just as exciting.

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