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Danica Roem becomes the first transgender legislator in Virginia

2017 had its ups and downs, especially its downs, but positives can always be found in an entire year- even in politics! The Virginia state legislature seats were up for election this past November, and the incumbent representative, Republican Robert Marshall, chose to run for reelection, with Democrat Danica Roem running as his opponent.  

Robert Marshall is a conservative Republican who is anti-LGBT and also was a writer of an anti-transgender bathroom bill, similar to North Carolina’s HB2.  Roem, a former journalist, ran her platform on less controversial issues such as heavy traffic and was popular in her district.  Marshall refused to debate her and referred to Rome as ‘him’ rather than ‘her’, which is so disgraceful, just proving how much of a disgusting human being he is.  

However, Marshall would soon to regret this, since Roem beat him and won the seat, becoming the first openly transgender woman to hold a seat in Virginia’s state legislator.  Her victory was a large accomplishment since incumbents win almost all of the time, and it will also further the rights of the LGBT community.  This was an enormous victory for the LGBT community, especially the transgender community, who have long been oppressed and discriminated against.    

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