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The release of Destiny 2

Back in 2014 when the original “Destiny” came out on all platforms, fans were excited about a brand new title to spend quality hours playing.  On September 6, 2017, that same excitement was brought back with the release of “Destiny 2.”  Bungie, an American video game developer, worked extremely hard to fix various problems with their year one version of the game.  

The fact that this company can generate as much excitement for essentially the same game means that they are definitely doing something right with the franchise.  I have been waiting for this game to come out ever since the release was first confirmed at Sony’s E3 video game event.  It is sad to say that the release of a video game would be the highlight of my year but it is.  I love the open world that is able to be explored in Destiny 2.  Destiny, in general, is a grind-style game, with tons of different things to do.  

I would recommend this game to people looking for a game to spend countless hours on.  The release of Destiny 2 was one of my most anticipated events of 2017 because I absolutely had to have my hands on the game.  If you do not currently own the game I would definitely recommend that you go out and get it, especially if you game on PC.  The game looks absolutely beautiful on PC, given that you’re running with respectable specs.  Bungie has come out with hit games in the past, and they continue to do it title after title.  Bungie did not disappoint us this year.  I will definitely be investing in their future projects.  

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