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Stranger Things 2


Stranger Things 2 was released on October 27, and it was all anyone seemed to talk about for months.  Stranger Things revolves around four boys who live in the suburbs during the 1980’s and their story when one of them goes missing, and they met a strange girl named Eleven.  Stranger Things 2 picks up about a year after Will Byers, the missing boy, has returned home, and when Eleven is still missing–believed to be in the Upside Down.  All seems to be well until Will begins to have flashback-like visions in which he is transported to the Upside Down and he sees a spider-like creature cascading over Hawkins, Indiana.  Fans of the show also get to see what happened to Eleven, observing her character grow throughout the season.  

Despite the hate that this show seemed to receive from teenagers who just don’t want to be part of a ‘fad’- this show is one of my favorites and it will always remain so.  There is no other show like Stranger Things on TV since it is mysterious, funny, semi-romantic, but also just so pure.  The show follows the lives of middle school-aged children- so it is just a feel-good show that also keeps you interested with its suspense.  Stranger Things 2 ends on a positive note that makes your heart feel warm, but in the last few seconds of the show, the directors added a cliffhanger so that suspense is built up for a Season 3.  

Stranger Things 2 was the perfect follow up to its first season, and the third season is sure to be just as great.  The show is definitely one of the top shows of 2017, and it deserved all of the hype it received.    

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