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If there is one show that took television by surprise it would have to be Riverdale. It has become one of the most hyped up shows of 2017 with so many twists and turns. The show is based on the lives of small-town high school teenagers that have to deal with the implications of a fellow classmate’s death. The teenager that died was named Jason Blossom and he has a sister Cheryl, who was there when he was killed in a boat accident when the two of them went out for the day. One tragic afternoon sparks the extreme drama that is produced by the friends of Jason and Cheryl.

The show also takes the audience through the family and romantic struggles of teenagers Archie and Betty as they struggle to decipher what their relationship truly is. The characters in the show are developed extremely well as Betty offers several sides to her complicated personality, which is then accommodated by her meeting with Jughead who becomes a romantic interest to her. A new student, Veronica, is also introduced to the show early on as she quickly becomes the glue between many relationships, like her close friendship with Betty and soon romantic interest in Archie.

The relationships that are created and destroyed in this show never cease to keep the viewers on their toes. As the show progresses, the audience is shown vulnerable sides from characters that primordially appear to have a rock hard surface, such as Veronica and Jughead. These hidden characteristics are brought out specifically when these two undergo family hardships with a lack of money and personal issues with each person’s relationship with his or her father. This show is a stand out of 2017 because it contains an infinite amount of plot twists that hold the attention of the audience long after an episode has been watched. Riverdale constantly left me with the urgent feeling of wanting more, as I know it did for countless other teenagers.

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