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In the past couple of years, shooting photos on 35mm film has made a bit of a comeback on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Many Photographers actually prefer the format instead of digital because film offers a warmer look than the coldness of digital. People also like the look of film for its old-school aesthetic. However, no other photographer on Instagram manages to take 35mm photos that are as unique as Evan Tan’s (@funkvantan).

Tan is an 18-year-old photographer based in Los Angeles, California who takes most of his photos on 35mm film. His work mostly consists of raw and unedited portraits of the youth who inhabit Los Angeles. His photos often feel like a quick peek into the eyes of Tan due to the intimate nature of his work. Most of his subjects involve his friends and each photograph feels like a warm, nostalgic memory from the past. Tan has also taken photos of many budding artists in the Los Angeles music scene such as Jaden Smith, Steve Lacy, and Kevin Abstract.

I recommend following Tan because not only is each photograph is extremely pleasing to the eye, but each picture feels like a moment in a developing artist’s portfolio. As an aspiring photographer myself, I find Tan’s work to be very inspiring due to his young age and DIY attitude towards photography.

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