Members of FCCLA wrap presents for customers. (Staff Photo by Chase Cofield)
Members of FCCLA wrap presents for customers.

Staff Photo by Chase Cofield

Holiday spirit starts to spread at this year’s Mistletoe Market

November 30, 2016

Busy shoppers, unique gifts, and memorable experiences describe this year’s Mistletoe Market on November 12, 2016. Mistletoe Market is a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) event in which many different groups of people gather to sell and buy unique gifts for the holidays. The different items that are sold range from cookies to clothing. Mistletoe Market provides the perfect way to get holiday shopping done early and a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Senior Grace Park volunteered for her fourth and final year at the Mistletoe Market.

“I first attended Mistletoe Market for [service] hours for Beta club and Key club,” Park said. “After I went the first time I loved it and wanted to keep doing it.”

Senior Hannah Fetzer volunteered for her third year at the Mistletoe Market because she loved the overall atmosphere of the event.

“I liked to see all the Christmas spirit, shoppers, and the cool things that some people were selling,” Fetzer said. “I liked being able to participate in that.”

Mistletoe Market doesn’t just bring holiday spirit, but it also is a great way to purchase homemade and exclusive gifts.

“Last year I did some Christmas shopping for my mom [at the Mistletoe Market] and I got her a bracelet that was made out of a spoon,” Fetzer said. “It was really interesting.”

The profits of the event are not just donated to the school, but also to different organizations as well.

“I bought some tunics that were made by people from Latin America and the profits went to them,” Fetzer said.

Mistletoe Market attracts the holiday spirit, but it also attracts people looking for holiday deals and unusual gifts.

“There is not a specific goal in how many people donate or how many people come, but it is usually packed.”

Mistletoe Market could not have happened without the hard work of the PTSA and all the students who volunteered to help. They all worked hard to help create this experience for all the different shoppers who came.

“We had to get up at 6am to get started and help set up,” Park said. “It took three whole days to set everything up.”

Hannah Fetzer also shared some of her experience in setting up for Mistletoe Market.

“It took a long time actually. I started working right after school on Thursday and then I did not leave until around five,” Fetzer said. “It took a while setting up posters everywhere and cleaning up the school and making sure everything was ready for people to come in.”

Mistletoe Market is an amazing experience for teachers, students and parents alike. It gives people the opportunity to get into the holiday spirit, get their Christmas shopping done early, and to get cool and different gifts. It also helps with donations for the school and other organizations outside of school.

“I really like the Christmas spirit that people are in and even though it’s November. The earlier Christmas season starts, the happier I am.”

— Fetzer

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