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Harry’s House

Released on May 20, 2022, Harry Styles’ new album, “Harry’s House,” has hit many of the top charts of the year. The album consists of 13 different songs, all with a unique story of their own. Since “Harry’s House” is Styles’ third studio album, there were high hopes, and the album did not disappoint.

Styles has been in the music industry for over a decade, and most of his music has been pop. However, in his two previous albums, fans appreciated some subtle hints of rock. In fact, some fans were even hoping for the new album to focus mainly on rock. While “Harry’s House” isn’t a rock album, it still rocks.

Many of the songs Styles writes hit home for some fans. “Matilda” was one of the songs on this album that really pulled emotions, seeing as a significant number of fans relate to the song. While listening, you might notice that the song coincidentally seems similar to the 1988 novel by Ronald Dahl, “Matilda.” However, not all of Styles’ songs are as deep and emotional. A theme throughout Styles’ previous albums is fruit. Songs like “Cherry,” “Kiwi” and “Watermelon Sugar” are in both albums, and he continued this theme in “Harry’s House” with “Grapefruit.”

It is no secret that Styles’ songs are catchy. In fact, all of the songs from “Harry’s House” were on the Billboard Hot 100. All 13 of the songs were in the top 30 of this chart with “As It Was” taking the lead in first place. “Harry’s House” is definitely a no-skip album, and is always on repeat.

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