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Clean girl aesthetic

Natural skin, slick back buns, gold jewelry and simple wardrobes have taken over social media and become known as the “clean girl aesthetic.” Maintaining an aesthetic usually means more popular products to add to your collection, and while most are overpriced and not worth it, some are worth paying the extra money for the best results. 

Influencers such as Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid have all been seen matching the clean girl aesthetic, leaving more young women following the trend. But a new aesthetic means more fashion and makeup products coming out from every brand. 

Some of the most popular makeup brands during 2022 have been Charlotte Tilbury, Rare Beauty and even Dior, which are all pricey but some products are worth your extra money such as the highlight and contour wands, liquid blushes and lip oil. 

With new outfits, hairstyles and makeup techniques coming out every day, this trend won’t stay for long but it will remain one of my favorites and pushes girls to embrace their natural beauty.

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