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The Sandman

Warning, this show is rated TV-MA for Violence, Sexual themes, Nude and Mature themes. Watch it with caution. 

The recently released tv show, Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” is based on Gaiman’s 1989 comic series of the same name. Gaiman’s comic book series is one of the greatest comic runs ever, due to its dark fantasy and horror elements that Gaiman skillfully combines. 

The first season of the television series combines the first and second arcs of the comic book series, the two arcs are titled “Preludes and Nocturne”s and “The Doll’s House.” The first arc of both the series and the comic revolves around the imprisonment and release of Dream of the Endless, a godlike being, who was captured by a human magician named Rodrick Burgess and was accidentally released over a hundred years later by Burgess’ son Alex. 

After his release, Dream searches for his tools of power, first reclaiming his pouch of sand from the human Johanna Constantine. Dream then reclaims his helmet from Lucifer Morningstar, king of hell. Finally, Dream goes to retrieve his ruby only to find that it is now held by the insane Doctor John Dee. Dr. Dee, in an attempt to kill Dream, destroys the ruby which, unbeknownst to Dr. Dee, merely releases Dream’s stored power back into his body. 

The second arc, “The Doll’s House,” is about the family of Unity Kinkaid, a minor character introduced in the last arc. The story is mostly about reuniting Jeb and Rose Walker, Unity’s grandchildren. When Rose and Jeb are reunited, Rose almost destroys the entire dream realm due to her nature of being a Dream Vortex, a title that Unity was supposed to have, but Dream finds Rose and Dream is able to transfer the dream vortex into Unity, killing Unity in the process. 

This show is enjoyable to both fans of the original comic and newcomers who are looking for a new, compelling show to watch.

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