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Alone at Prom

“Alone at Prom” is singer, songwriter and record producer Tory Lanez’s sixth studio album, released right before the turn to 2022. The Canadian artist follows a new 80s nostalgia-inspired musical theme in his 11-track album, while also keeping in touch with his popular hip-hop and R&B style. Fans were pleased to hear his combination of musical genres, and are anticipating more music similar to this album. 

Lanez was deeply inspired by musical artists Michael Jackson, Rick James and Hall & Oates for his album. The songs “Pink Dolphin Sunset” and “The Color Violet” both take on a catchy drum pattern and beat that has the person listening bobbing their heads to the music without even knowing it. “‘87 Stingray” on the other hand, has a more upbeat dancey flow to it that pinpoints the 80s pop culture vibe. 

It is no secret that Lanez is an artist who is passionate about expressing his thoughts through his music, with each track telling a story about his life; this is truly one of the key components that make his music as great as it is. In the opening track, “Enchanted Waterfall”, he sings about love and feelings of sorrow, knowing the girl he loves no longer feels the same way about him. Lanez is a versatile artist who can work with various types of music quite well. He also makes sure to create songs for every mood, whether it be energetic, happy, calm or upset. 

Here are my top four songs from “Alone at Prom”:

  1. “ ‘87 Stingray”
  2. “The Color Violet”
  3. “Pink Dolphin Sunset” 
  4. “Enchanted Waterfall” 

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