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On Sept. 18, 1964, the first episode of the original “Addams Family” was released. Viewers quickly fell in love with the eerie and strange nature of this family. Throughout the years, the famous characters have starred in several movies and TV shows. From live-action to animated, it’s clear the Addams are going to stick around for a while.

The previous adaptations of the story have all relatively focused on the life of the adults, mainly the mother and father of the family, Morticia and Gomez. However, Tim Burton’s new Netflix TV show entitled “Wednesday” brought a new character to the spotlight, their moody daughter Wednesday.

“Wednesday” showed the girl in her teenage years, played by seasoned actress Jenna Ortega. Ortega does an excellent job of staying true to Wednesday’s iconic look and personality, while also adding nuances and traits that make the show more interesting and unique. 

The plot follows a boarding school for “outcasts,” or people with supernatural abilities, that Wednesday is sent to by her parents that suffer from a string of murders. Wednesday tirelessly attempts to solve the cases, but no one seems to believe her. Despite the fact that many people dislike her there, she refuses to change and stays true to herself, which I think is a very important message, especially for teenagers.

In addition to the returning Addams family members that we know and love, we also meet a bunch of new characters that fit in perfectly with the story. Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s bubbly roommate makes for the perfect odd-couple dynamic, adding so much humor to the show. There’s also Xavier and Tyler, who kind of act as her dueling love interests in the show. However, I love that Wednesday has no time for this and keeps focused on her own goals. There’s also Principal Weems and the town sheriff who both get into disputes very often with Wednesday due to her obsession with the school murders, and the secrets she continues to unlock. 

Overall, the show is very entertaining, suspenseful and kind of nostalgic for those who grew up with the “Addams Family.” I believe that it is the best TV show in all of 2022 due to its immense creativity and inspiring message of staying true to yourself.

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