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Takin’ It Back

When you hear the name Meghan Trainor, what do you think? Admittedly, before this year I only really knew her as that “All About That Bass” girl and the girl who sings that song with John Legend. Since 2015, I found myself jokingly asking friends and family, “where did Meghan Trainor go?” It seemed she had disappeared into the pop culture abyss with Iggy Azalea and Taio Cruz. 

However, I was wrong. She never stopped making music. Since 2015 she’s released four albums, including a Christmas album. But for whatever reason, I never heard about her anymore. That was until a man named Chris Olsen came along. When he started posting TikToks with Trainor, I was hit with a wave of familiarity. 

Immediately, I started listening to her music again, and was ecstatic when she announced her 2022 album “Takin’ It Back.” The title, in a way, refers to how in this album she was taking it back to her roots. Instead of producing the music people wanted to hear, she produced the music she loved to make. It’s very clear that Trainor feels more comfortable with this album’s style of music, which makes it so much more enjoyable.

The majority of the album follows her famous energizing pop sound. However, unlike her older albums, she has a new sense of maturity in her writing that makes listeners feel as if they’ve grown up alongside her. The entire album has a light and airy feel, making it easy to listen to. But the lyrics for the most part are empowering, especially for hardworking women like herself. 

My top three tracks from this album are:

  1. “Made You Look”
  2. “Sensitive”
  3. “Don’t I Make It Look Easy”

This album is so real and relatable. It’s rare that music from a famous celebrity can make an audience feel that way. I definitely recommend this album for anyone looking for a fun listen, or a new artist to obsess over.


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