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The Car by Arctic Monkeys

“The Car” by Arctic Monkeys

It’s fresher, spotless, and grown up. It’s “The Car” by Arctic Monkeys. The famous rock band, Arctic Monkeys, came out with a new album, “The Car” on Oct. 21, 2022. You may know them from social media, but you should know them from their hit album, “A.M.,” which came out in 2013. 

The Arctic Monkeys have been producing music for years but did not hit mainstream till their fifth album, “A.M.” The 2013 album took the world by storm in recent years with its upbeat, dangerous and menacing sound that ached with heartbreak and excitement. 

What fans thought to follow this album is “The Car.” The newest album sets a newer sound for Arctic Monkeys, following the mood of the  previous album, “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino.” The two albums are similar in bass, tone, and setting, but vary in story. 

I like to say that “The Car” is a reflection of  “A.M.” The 2013 album was about heartbreak and angst. “The Car,” to me, is about reminiscing the feelings the person felt in “A.M.,” and then moving on from that. It is about change and growing up.

The Arctic Monkeys are coming of age in the most beautiful way, and “The Car” is a perfect representation of that.

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