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Platform Converse

I like to say that I started this trend at Wakefield, but that probably is not true, sadly. In Feb. 2021, I was running incredibly low on casual shoes. I was looking for a specific type of shoe that not everyone had, which were Converse, specifically, platform Converse. What caught my eye was this blue-gray platform Converse. From that moment on, I have fallen in love with this shoe. 

The shoe rose to major popularity this year. Everywhere you look, people are wearing a unique style of platform Converse. Back in 2019, the most common style of Converse that everyone had were the white Chuck All-Star Classic high top. Converse brought a newer, and elevated look to the classic shoe: white platforms. 

You see it in school, at the store and on social media, too. Everyone is wearing them because they are just that great of a shoe. The platforms had run out of stock several times due to the shoe being in such high demand. 

I encourage everyone to get a pair of platform Converse. Once you put them on, you’ll love them.

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