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Wide Leg Pants

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In the past few years, fashion trends have been dramatically changing. The stylish 70s wide-leg jean has made a major comeback in 2022, and I am here for it. Skinny jeans were in style for years, and I always found them so uncomfortable. But now we can dress stylish and comfy for both the cool and the warm weather. 

These pants are great because they can be styled for any occasion. For a more casual look, they can be paired with a sweatshirt or t-shirt and some sneakers, or they can be worn with a nice blazer or turtleneck for a more professional look. 

If you are looking for an ideal pant style, wide-leg pants are a good place to start because they are flattering on almost all body types. The sleek lines of this style of pants will make your legs look longer, and the natural flair of these pants at the hips is bound to emphasize your natural curves. 

Wide-leg pants are also better suited for cold weather because they keep you warmer than the previously popular skinny pants. Warm air needs space to circulate if it’s actually going to keep you warm, so when you’re stuck in skinny jeans, you’re also stuck freezing. Conversely, a lightweight fabric paired with the wide-leg style will behave similarly to a skirt in warm weather. It swishes lightly when you walk, creating a fake breeze, and preventing your pants from sticking to sweaty skin.  

Wide-leg pants are clearly the superior pant style in terms of comfort and look, and I’m so glad they’ve made a comeback from the 70s.

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