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Kaylee Jacobs

Kaylee Jacobs

Kaylee Jacobs

“We're turning pain into power and trying to create a path so that other people can follow.” -Quannah Chasinghorse

Before my junior year, when I was forced to spend seemingly endless days by myself, I had never truly known or understood myself as an individual. I felt too weighed down with insecurities, anxieties and the pressure of perfection. 

I held out hope that one day I would feel flawless and invincible, especially at the age of sixteen. But then I turned sixteen. 

The realization that I was not going to magically become that person was paralyzing. Consequently, in finally accepting myself I had to come to terms with who I’m not. This admission was embarrassingly heartbreaking, and I have my Spotify history as proof. 

However, out of the loneliest period of my life thus far came a confident and profound sense of self that I had never experienced before. After the years of diffidence, it was surreal to finally exist naturally and comfortably with my perceived imperfections and all. 

As I reflect back on the countless blurry-eyed hours of introspection, I realize that I am leaving my senior year with an entirely new perspective than I entered with freshman year. In hindsight, I have no choice but to be grateful for all the mistakes, late nights and embarrassing moments just as much as the incredible friendships, advice and knowledge I have accrued along the way.

Though my high school career is coming to a close, my journey will continue at North Carolina State University in the fall where I will be majoring in Fashion and Textile Management as a Centennial Scholar.

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