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Artwork by Atmaja Lohar

Atmaja Lohar

Atmaja Lohar, junior

What are you most proud of when considering this artwork?

The final result. It represents the output of hard work, trial and error, and mistakes and revisions. 


Where do you find inspiration as an artist?

I get inspired from Pinterest and my imagination.


When did you begin drawing? What made you begin?

From a very young age when I grew up around my mom, watching her paint and teach other kids.


What’s your favorite piece of art made by another person?

From school- Ken Thomas; famous artist- Cathedral of Llandaff by Paul Sandby 


How have you progressed throughout your life as an artist? (e.g. mediums, style, inspiration)

I have experimented with various different mediums- watercolor, oil, gauche- all which were incredible. I have learned more from my mistakes as I progressed. Along the way, I’ve learnt a lot about the smallest and simplest things and the happiness and proud feeling you get after truly understanding a concept is amazing. 

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