The Voice of Wakefield High School

Courtesy of Jenna Dempsey

Jenna Dempsey

Jenna Dempsey, junior

What are you most proud of when considering this artwork?

When considering this artwork, I am most proud of the detail and realism that I was able to put into the face, especially the light shading in the nose area.


Where do you find inspiration as an artist?

I find inspiration from myself and my experiences.


When did you begin drawing? What made you begin?

I began drawing in middle school because I wanted a way to express myself.


What’s your favorite piece of art made by another person?

I don’t have a favorite piece of art yet, maybe I will if I take AP Art History next year. Wakefield students – please sign up for AP Art History. 


How have you progressed throughout your life as an artist?

I have definitely progressed in my technique and ability to draw exactly from reference images.

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