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“Mom jeans” trend

The tight-fitting jeans were always everyone’s forte — the figure-flattering pants compliment every curve and feature, hence appearing more attractive to the human eye. 

But, are the high-waisted, big “mom jeans” coming back? One of the trendiest styles of 2021, the renowned millennial jeans stereotyped by motherhood made their appearance after decades on some of America’s A-listers. Clothing pieces categorized with the phrase “Mom” were always used with a negative connotation — but these trendy jeans have made an exception. 

The trend evolved yet again as Generation Z slowly accepted the clothing item. Well-known celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid took the first steps in acknowledging the beauty in this piece … and brought the good looks to the media. 

Today’s society has brought the ancient mom jeans to a whole new level. Enter: the Generation Z Mom jeans. These new and improved pants feature baggy legs, large holes at the knees, and a cinched waist. The nostalgia for this comforting style is a major driving factor behind this trend. In the 1980s and 1990s, these jeans were worn particularly by middle-aged women and considered horrid by younger women. Now, the easy-to-wear antique jeans supply endless outfit possibilities along with its pleasurable sense. 

This item is now seen as a “fashion statement” by the female eye. The comeback of these wide straight-legged pants second handedly revealed to the media that women do not care to dress for the male gaze — but rather, care to dress for themselves. This adds to the popular “mom jeans” motto; they aren’t ugly if they’re comfortable.

It’s the 21st century, comfort and satisfaction beat trendy and flattering. 

The traditional piece can accentuate your figure and disguise any imperfections while still maintaining that comfort feeling. Fashion trends over the decades have proven that these vintage Levi’s™ will truly never go out of style.

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