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Youtuber Mark Rober with over two million subscribers and 745,000 Instagram followers is one of the best 2021 content creators there is. Rober shares his knowledge from when he was a Mechanical Engineer for NASA, JPL, and an Apple Special Projects Designer. His content is not all about engineering. He teamed up with famous Youtuber Mr. Beast to help fundraise $30 million to clean up our oceans as part of their ¨#TeamSeas Campaign¨. His Instagram page reported that every dollar was equal to one less pound of trash in the ocean. There were 191 countries that donated for this worthy cause. ¨YouTube¨ and the environment are not the only places you’ll find Rober.

Rober launched a campaign called ¨Color the Spectrum” to raise money for the organization “NEXT for Autism”. Rober raised nearly a million dollars for the organization. Rober has a son with special needs and this cause is very close to his heart. On April 30th, he joined Jimmy Kimmel for an event on YouTube to bring awareness for autism.

If Rober’s philanthropy isn’t enough to rate him a top creator for 2021, then his YouTube channel offers lots of options for content. There is a link for building plans, a 30-day Creative Engineering Class, and many informative videos about topics you never knew you were curious about. Do you want to know how to waterproof your hand or find out how to bear any escape room? Then visit the YouTube page of Mark Rober. His channel started 10 years ago and the quality of his content has only improved. Rober’s outlook on loss, which he calls the “Super Mario Effect”, is to help people associate there is no real loss with losing. He explained, when you lose at a video game, like Super Mario you don´t get discouraged from ever playing again. The loss should be used as a way of learning to help you improve to reach your desired level. He believes in getting back on your feet and trying again. If you move on, you can figure it out.

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