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Claw Clips

After first becoming popular in the late 1980s, claw clips are back – and some fashion gurus believe that they are here to stay. The accessory hasn’t been popular since the early 2000s but is now often seen sported by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Madison Beer, and Imani Randolph. However, with the return of other 90s trends such as mom jeans and bomber jackets, readers cannot say that the return of the praised decades-old piece is unprecedented.

Claw clips are different from regular hair ties or scrunchies in the sense that they are much less damaging to hair. Instead of stretching your hair and risking pulling it out, the clips simply hold the hair up by weaving through it. Many users also remark that claw clips are simply more comfortable, as they don’t force your hair to do anything it doesn’t want to. By letting your hair do its own thing, the clip also ensures that the typical bumps or divots that come with elastic hairpieces will no longer be an issue. The clips also work well with any type of hair, meaning that for once, people with tight ringlets and pin-straight hair can have similar options.

Alongside the accessory also comes an entirely new method of styling hair. Tik Tok users around the globe have begun brainstorming a multitude of ways to incorporate the new item into their updos. As of now, the simplest way to style the item seems to be using the clip to hold a loose bun or ponytail. Although some influencers have gone for the simple clip-up option, the piece seems to fit even into much more intricate designs. Whatever style you decide to go for, the consensus is clear – claw clips are the new item that society needs to upgrade our hair fashion industry.

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