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Screenshot from TikTok

Scout and Violet Knight

Maia Knight

Twins Scout and Violet, aka Scotch and Vodka, took America by storm on TikTok. Maia Knight, the single mom of these babies started their social media on a whim and ended with millions of followers. Maia is 25 years old and luckily has a lot of support for her and her girls. Not only her mom, aunts, and friends, like auntie Jillian, she also has millions of fans willing to help in any way they can. Her rising popularity is giving her amazing opportunities and brand deals with other baby products. Making a simple video is giving her the opportunity to provide for her growing family.

Her supporters watch her videos to see a happy household without the need of a man. Maia is the living proof that a woman doesn’t need a husband to be able to support a family. People are so quick to judge a person because of their social status, whether being married, divorced, or single. Maia being a single mother of 2 makes her a target for a lot of hate. Fortunately, fans and other influencers are instead seeing an amazing mom who still wants to have a life. There’s no problem with wanting to have fun, hanging out with friends, or needing a break from mom life. It’s tiring, and no one should judge the safe ways a mother spends her free time. 

Recently, Maia has been getting a lot of hate for what she posts on social media. Whether it’s sharing too little or too much of their everyday lives. She wants to share as much as she can with her fans and doesn’t deserve the off-and-on resentment from people online. This devoted mother and influencer is creating a loving environment for her supporters that she doesn’t have to do. Instead, we should appreciate the time and effort she puts into all of her videos and thank her for the smiles she’s put on so many faces.

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