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Photo Courtesy of Hannah Bayles

Hannah Bayles, also known as “yourvoiceteacher” was a very inspiring content creator in 2021.

Hannah Bayles

Hannah Bayles is such an inspiring content creator and voice teacher whose audience has grown significantly during 2021. Bayles started her YouTube channel in March of 2020, making videos reacting to and critiquing singing performances of different artists. In 2021, however, her videos started attracting much more attention. As of January of 2022, Bayles has almost half a million subscribers on YouTube. It’s easy for viewers to fall in love with her positivity, sunny attitude, relatability and wit. 

Bayles has also gained a following on TikTok, for both her “vocal coach reacts” videos and her tips on how to sing some difficult songs with healthy technique. Even though her TikTok and Instagram handles are @yourvoiceteacher, her posts do not only revolve around singing. She is actually very passionate about encouraging body positivity, equality, and tolerance. She has also shared a lot about her personal life with her audience as well in 2021, talking publicly about her journey coming out as bisexual, and getting a divorce from her husband with a child.

Additionally, Bayles has made it her mission to build confidence in the singing of her students and audience. She is passionate about “leading with empathy” due to harmful vocal lessons she has experienced in the past. She says she was encouraged to become a vocal coach by a former voice teacher of hers, who taught her that singing should never make you feel flawed or substandard. In 2021, she formed her own program called “Reclaim Your Voice” where she helps you “drop your vocal baggage” and learn to love singing again. Along with this, she also teaches private lessons and masterclasses, which have become very popular amongst her audience. 

In 2021, I became a big fan of her YouTube videos. I love when she reacts to movies, TV shows, and musical theatre performances; for example, when she reacts to “Glee” episodes or watches poor-quality theatre performances. I think her humor would be enjoyable for everyone, and it’s so refreshing seeing her share her own personal experiences and be relatable. It’s easy to tell that she genuinely cares about her whole audience, and wants her students to succeed. 

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