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National Art Honor Society

All responses by Sara King.

Q: What does the application process look like and who can apply?

A: There is no application for National Art Honor Society. Students may come to an interest meeting to find out more. 

Q: What are the requirements for students to be able to become a member of National Art Honor Society?

A: There are $5 dues that go to the national organization. Members are required to earn 10 hours a semester, 20 for the whole year. They can earn hours in all sorts of fun ways from working on school murals to attending art events in the community, even helping to organize the art rooms. 

Q: Do members receive chords at graduation?

A: Seniors that meet all the requirements get to wear lovely rainbow cords for graduation.

Q: What is an overall summary of what the club has to offer?

A: This student-led society is a great way for students who are interested in art to meet others who are too. We offer all sorts of fun and interesting events all year long: monthly meetings, workshops to learn about new art techniques from other students, murals, holiday parties, art gatherings, t-shirt designs, fundraisers like painting pumpkins at Halloween, and more. Our goal is to have fun making art together and to make the school and community a more positive place with art.

Q:  Is there any additional information you would like to be showcased for students at Wakefield to know?

A: Our website is

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