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Q:  What do you do here at Wakefield?

A:  I teach foundations of math. Other than that, I don’t really have any additional duties yet, I’m just still getting settled into the new school.

Q:  What brought you to Wakefield?

A:  I lived in South West Virginia, a small farm community. I was looking for a change, so I started looking at different cities. The arts and culture of Raleigh really attracted me. Then when I started looking for different schools in the city, Wakefield definitely stood out. From a numbers standpoint, how well people do here. But I was talking to Mr. Bazzell and the math department for my interview, and the culture of the school felt really welcoming and supportive. 

Q:  What made you decide to start teaching?

A:  I was in college and I was actually going for pre-med. I started tutoring math at the time and started loving the teaching part of it. I really didn’t like the medicine anymore. So I switched over and decided to start teaching math instead and I’ve leaned harder and harder into it. 

Q:  What are you enjoying about Wakefield so far?

A:  Coworkers and the students. This is definitely the most diverse student population I’ve ever taught which is refreshing. Also, the staff is very supportive and really just wants people to succeed.

Q:  What do you like to do outside of school?

A:  I like to go hiking mostly. I also enjoy kayaking and archery.

Q:  What advice do you have for students taking your class this year?

A:  Take notes. Definitely always take notes. Also, don’t tell yourself you’re bad at math. You’re not bad at math you’re just not good at it yet.

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