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Photo taken by Alec Celestin

Sienna Mae Gomez

Tik Tok has become a huge platform this following year with many different creators being able to express themselves in different ways. If it’s through singing, acting, and even dancing every creator has a special touch to their content. What these creators do with their platform is the most important. Tik Tok star Sienna Mae Gomez started her account in 2020 and went viral in late August with a video of her with her stomach out after eating started getting much attention. 

The 16-year-old star used this opportunity to show her new fans that there are many unrealistic beauty standards and that everyone’s body is beautiful. Currently, Gomez has 13 million followers, and rising with each milestone she celebrates her fans and makes sure that they feel appreciated by her. She posts videos of her eating and feeling comfortable and confident in her own body to support people who have conditions like eating disorders. 

Gomez also uses her platform to support many other organizations and worldwide issues by influencing her followers to help out as much as they can. For example, since this is a current issue, Gomez has links and videos about saving the arctic animals and asks fans to support any way they can if it’s donating or just signing petitions and spreading the word the star never fails to do everything in her power to always help. 

Body positivity has been around for many years but Sienna Mae Gomez brought it out and made at least 13 million people feel just a little better about themselves and makes them feel safe. I guess you can say she’s an icon in the making.

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