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Folklore by Taylor Swift

Folklore by Taylor Swift

American singer Taylor Swift once said that every album is a reinvention of herself. “Folklore” is no exception to this as the 31-year-old explores folk and indie genres. Swift previously focused on country and pop music, but the lockdown has prompted her to ditch the ultra-high production value, letting her song-writing abilities shine. 

Let me clarify: I’m not a die-hard Swiftie. I remember being in elementary school and loving her country albums (i.e. “Fearless”, “Speak Now” and “Red”). My interest in Swift faded, though, as she transitioned into pop music. Albums like “Lover” and “Reputation” underwhelmed me because they didn’t feel authentic. But “Folklore” seemed to be a return to soft tracks with poignant lyrics, only more mature than the themes from her early twenties. Then, at the end of this past year, Swift released another album entitled “Evermore”, maintaining the same sound. 

Here are my personal highlights:

  1. “This is me trying”: a vulnerable, soothing track that discusses the confusion of longing and heartbreak. 
  2. “Mirrorball”: an indie song reminiscent of a high school dance (perhaps in the nineties?). 
  3. “August”: a beautifully-written, folk-inspired tribute to a fleeting summer romance. 
  4. “The lakes”: an escapist work that reveals the pop-star’s yearning to take a break from the public eye 

I hope Swift continues her appeal to indie music lovers — it’s exactly the right genre for her voice and writing style. Time will tell how the end of this pandemic changes her identity: will she settle on this understated look and sound or find a change of pace? 

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