A teacher wearing a mask stand proudly before her blackboard, ready to teach.


Being a teacher isn’t easy. At any level, from elementary to college, a teacher, whether new or experienced, is prone to noisy, disruptive, stressed kids, piles of (late) homework to grade, lots of late-nighters, a low salary, and not a lot of appreciation. When the pandemic hit, teachers, along with everybody else, hit hard. 

Now, along with the previously mentioned stressors that teachers have to deal with, now they have to deal with not being able to interact with students in-person, an interaction most students prefer or need, possible Internet issues, and how to find ways to keep up with students and help them academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Despite all of these, teachers during 2020 got creative, despite not always being able to meet students in-person: not only have a lot of teachers made sure to take care of their students virtually, but teachers have also worked to hold events for students such as senior parades, drive-by graduations, online and safe in-person after-school activity meetings, and safe sports meetings and games. 

Teachers have been working hard to make sure students are doing well academically, emotionally, and physically, and it shows, even if not everyone sees it. It can be hard to see it sometimes, but in reality, a lot of teachers can give great one-on-one help when necessary. 

Have you said thank you to your teacher(s) today? 

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