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Adriene Mishler at “Yoga on the Lane” in London.

Yoga with Adriene (content creators)

Adriene Mishler — an actress, writer and international yoga teacher from Austin, Texas — started her YouTube channel in 2012 with the intention of connecting “as many people as possible through high-quality free yoga videos.” Since the beginning of quarantine, her channel has curated thousands upon thousands of followers. Just recently, Mishler crossed the nine million subscriber mark. 

I came across ‘Yoga with Adriene’ at the beginning of this school year. Feeling my usual neck and shoulder pain, I tried one of her 10-minute routines before class. It worked wonders. I always see comment threads from people around the globe who share the same sentiment. Fans admire how Mishler incorporates messages of love and awareness into her videos while keeping a light tone. Plus, a blue heeler puppy named Benji joins her on the mat for some “downward dog.” 

‘Yoga with Adriene’ has made a notable difference to my 2020. Everyone deserves to take a few minutes for self-care daily, whether a pandemic reigns or not. There are targeted practices to address all health concerns, while others focus on abstract concepts like courage and self-respect. And if you’re up for the challenge, Mishler has a plethora of 30-day yoga journeys.

 Here are the exercises I have on repeat: 

  1. Abs, Arms & Attitude!
  2. Deep Stretch: Total Body Yoga 
  3. Upper Back Love 
  4. Yoga for Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

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