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Toy Story 4

A classic Disney movie returns with an ending to the storyline.  With Tom Hanks voicing Woody for maybe the last time since 1995, the plot gets very intense because many of the toys in the original Toy Story are leaving. 

The story starts with Bonnie going to first grade and not having any friends. Woody, a cowboy toy, helps out and gives Bonnie items to make a new toy so she could be happy and fit in with the other kids. This movie shows a lot of how Woody has grown up and experienced many things that other toys have not.  In this movie Woody has to take care of Forky and stays by, watching his every move. 

After winning Best Fantasy Film, many fans would agree this is an amazing way to possibly end the story.  The end of the movie shows the toys saying their final goodbyes to Woody that goes with his girlfriend to live a free life without an owner.   


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