Rhett and Link

North Carolina natives have an online talk show full of wacky challenges and entertaining banter. Good Mythical Morning (A Youtube Show that posts daily) has endured 15 seasons and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Rhett and Link have been friends since childhood and have been making content together for 17 years. After two years they started to form their GMM brand. Their most popular series is called “Will It?”. In this series, they replace ingredients in popular dishes to see if the combination works. Many disgusting foods such as oyster cupcakes and blood cookies have come out of this gross and intriguing mini-series. One guest star appears per week and continues to participate in such challenges. Anywhere from famous musicians to wrestlers, they have it all.

Their popularity has grown over the time of their career and they now proudly have 16 million subscribers on youtube. Each year they return to North Carolina for their family holidays with their wives and kids. They also have performed at the North Carolina State Fair the past three years and have planned to do so for many years. 

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