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Reneé Rapp

On June 7, 2019, North Carolina born and raised Reneé Rapp made her Broadway debut. Premiering as Regina George in Mean Girls, Rapp wowed hundreds of people with her talent and skill. At only nineteen years old, Rapp’s abilities and poise are well beyond her years. Her age has been an inspiration to aspiring theatre kids everywhere, proving that this career is attainable if willing to put in the work. 

Not only is Rapp an incredible performer, but she is also an incredible person. Recently, Rapp has experienced body-shaming from Internet trolls. In Mean Girls, Rapp’s character sings the line “I’m the prettiest poison you’ve ever seen/ I never weigh more than one-fifteen,” which is contradictory to her actual size. People have claimed that she isn’t right for the role because it’s not perfectly 115 pounds, but Rapp disagrees. Seeing a Regina that isn’t perfect gives confidence and representation to a wider range of girls and young people. She is entertaining and inspiring, proven by her almost 100k Instagram followers. 

Rapp’s accomplishments on Broadway are simply impressive for someone of her age. Her confidence and skill are astounding, and it’s insane to think that 2019 was only a part of her beginning. Reneé Rapp, a North Carolina native, has earned her place as one of the best people of 2019.

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