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Students protest against sexual assault on campus

The American fantasy of campus safety

Abby Dykes, Social Media and News Co-Editor January 10, 2023

Warning: The following article contains references to sexual assault and murder. On Nov. 13, 2022, four students at the University of Idaho were found murdered in their off-campus rental home. Although...

Students cross the street to get to Schoolhouse Street by foot, while some students also depart in their cars. This is what youll find in the intersection of Wakefield Pines Drive, Schoolhouse Street and the schools driveway on a typical Wednesday afternoon.

Over student drivers and crossing the street: a traffic light needs to be installed outside Wakefield

Seth Steiner, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

Every morning, thousands of students attend school at Wakefield. Many students walk to school, some are driven in carpool, others take the bus and many upperclassmen drive themselves. While transportation,...

Safe traveling alternatives benefit animals and humans alike.

Wildlife crossings provide safer travels for animals

Millie Monahan, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

Although devastating, thousands of wild animals have their lives taken due to vehicles every year. There are rarely places for them to safely cross, and sadly, a poorly timed crossing can be fatal. Jesse...

When sold into human trafficking many victims get marked with a barcode or number and get their hands tied up. Both of these have become symbols used to spread awareness for human trafficking.

We aren’t safe: A human trafficking prevention guide

Daijah DeForge, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 19, 2020

The state of North Carolina doesn’t rank high in many things. It’s number 14 for the economy, 25 for education, 30 for health care and the list goes on. One thing that North Carolina ranks extremely...

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