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Kendra Randle

Kendra Randle, Student Life Editor

Hey y’all, I’m Kendra Randle! I’m a senior here at Wakefield and a first-year writer on The Howler. I’m so grateful to be a part of newspaper and to cultivate growth within myself, Wakefield, and the community. I am deeply passionate about my faith in God, my family, friends, loving others, and neuroscience. I plan on becoming a neuroscience major in college and eventually a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist or Neurologist. My goal is to impact the lives of children. I enjoy volunteering, reading and spending time with my loved ones.  As a member of the newspaper, I’m so thrilled to highlight the excellent students at Wakefield. I aspire to connect all students regardless of background and interests and celebrate the greatness within our student life.

“Faith makes all things makes all things easy.”-Dwight L. Moody

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