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Junior Wolverines inspire underclassmen

Ryanne Howard and Yasmin Rosa October 30, 2017

Kyle Harris, Guest Writer, junior High School is like a can of worms. You never know what you're going to get until you lift up the lid and see what's inside. My freshman year of high school brought...

Adventure in the world of biotechnology

Emma Wallace participates in a lab for Biogen Tech's Summer Program.
Chinma Ngumoha, Staff Writer May 24, 2017
I feel like every students should participate in this marvelous opportunity even if you like biology or not. It's a great way to have the best summer possible and learn more about our community and our world~Asia Ray

Putting up with pet peeves

Sophomores Emely Melgar, Mariah Pollard, and Karime Penuri need to take a break from loud people in class.
Ann Chen, Staff Writer May 24, 2017

Pet peeves are something everyone has--whether it's one or many. There are many instances for why people have pet peeves and many different kinds of pet peeves. They can pop up in a restaurant, school,...

Promposals invite couples to peer through the looking glass

Lillie Hooker and Cameron Cokas posing a cute with SpongeBob related poster.
Morgan DeHart, Staff Writer May 18, 2017
“ I have known Cameron since the 2nd grade and we have been best friends ever since.” ~Hooker

Twisting it up cube style

Wakefield Junior Hunter Burgon masters the Rubik's Cube.
Paige Schepperley, Staff Writer April 5, 2017
“I will continue to solve cubes because I really do enjoy them,” Burgon said. “I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.”

Seniors reflect on their roommate matching experience

Sophie Pearl, Co-Opinions Editor March 30, 2017
Finding a roommate is a pivotal part of beginning the journey from high school to college. Getting the courage to get out there is scary, but with opening up to new people comes the possibility to gain some new friends.

New talent on Yearbook staff molds new memories

Christina Rascoe, Student Life Editor March 29, 2017
They sat down with each other in the beginning of the year with high hopes, determined to make this yearbook like no other, and all shared this one common goal. “We wanted to get more coverage of students,” senior club and staff designer, Jermaine Valentino, said. “Last year’s yearbook wasn’t as diverse so we're striving to make sure that it is diverse and we are hearing from a variety of students.”

ROTC program offers opportunities to students

ROTC participants serve our country and honor the symbolism of the flag.
Morgan DeHart, Staff Writer March 10, 2017
"I believe it is a great opportunity for students to learn about the military and express themselves." ~Cooper Johnston

Wakefield students donate to prom dress donations

Students may drop off prom dress donations to Ms. Tborowsky's office.
Chinma Ngumoha, Staff Writer March 9, 2017
I just want everyone to be happy and feel gorgeous on this very special day in a young girl's life. I just want everyone to enjoy prom because it's a magnificent day ~Jill Toborowsky

To experience a foreign place

To experience a foreign place
Ann Chen, Staff Writer March 8, 2017
“This only happens once in your life and you can’t not do it." ~Almerighi

Parlez-vous Français: FHS members challenge their skills

Students in French Honor Society practice their French skills for French Immersion weekend.
Khaki McCrabb, Staff Writer March 6, 2017
“It is so much fun to have a day where we can leave the textbooks alone, and see how French works as a language,” Bordt said. “That’s a lot of fun.”

Science Olympiads go for Au

Wakefield Olympiads prepare to hear competition results.
Bryn Goldsmith, Business Editor February 23, 2017
“Our regional competition is one of the hardest ones in the state. It definitely has a lot of very strong teams in the area, who have been doing it for a the competition is pretty stiff.” ~Hellier said
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