The Howler

Wakefield, You’ve Got It and you’ll always have it

You've Got It finalist, Morgan Forbis perfoms at the semi-finals on February 6.
Hannah Chaya and Jillian Kerzner March 5, 2015
“It’s nerve-wracking at first, but I think the best way to go about it is to pick a song that you can emotionally relate to." Forbis

Cheerleaders take home top prize

The cheerleading team gathered after winning first place in their division.
Hannah Chaya March 5, 2015
"My goal for the them is to be proud of their accomplishments. I want them to grow as a cheerleader and a student. My intentions are for them to strive to be a good student first, and then a good cheerleader. I have seen that in my girls this year, and I am pleased with their talents." Skokauckas

Choosing the right college for your major

This chart represents the average SAT scores of admitted students for chosen colleges.  All statistics gathered from
Charlie Morris, Features Editor February 16, 2015

Picking which college to attend is a daunting and difficult task. Whether you want to be at the beach or in the mountains, it is always important to consider which major is right for you. “You need...

New Year’s traditions explored

Wolfy watches in wonder as the acorn drops on downtown Raleigh.
Skyler Portnoy, Staff Writer January 9, 2015

In Raleigh we have this tradition to drop a giant acorn from the sky on New Year’s Eve. For anyone's who's ever wondered why an acorn, or why "drop" anything at all, a few facts may help. In 1991,...

Stiles wins teacher of the year

Stiles engages with AP Biology Students Sydeny Jones and Ashley Stardford.
Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief January 6, 2015
She gives 110% to her students, and she’s very focused on making sure her students are successful in the classroom. Thomas

Nutcracker ballet leaps into Wakefield

Cast members pose in costume before the show.
Brielle Cashdan, Staff Writer January 6, 2015
“Besides the value of hard work and discipline, I know every dancer in the production is dancing because they love to perform. There is also a great sense of family and community - Dancers ranging in age from 3 years old to my 78 year old mother are in the production and we rehearse together so much that being in the show is like having a very large extended family,” said Taylor.

Vermicomposting grant brings worms to the school, community

Toyoko Whitfield shows off worms.
Jake McCraw, Student Life Editor January 6, 2015
“Vermiculture is the use of worms to create nutrient-rich fertilizer." Harper

Mistletoe Market Shopping Extravaganza

Mistletoe Market Shopping Extravaganza
Brielle Cashdan, Staff Writer November 13, 2014
“It’s an opportunity to shop without the hassle of Black Friday crowds and you can always find something unique.” -King

Wakefield students practice safe driving

During the Driver's Ed. courses, students learn to drive with their hands at 10 and 2.
Jake McCraw, Student Life Editor November 7, 2014
“I challenge my drivers on the last day of the driving portion to go up to the speed limit, which is seventy, and try and text their best friend.” -Bliga.

Homecoming festivities build community spirit

Students shout in support of their cheerleaders during the Freshman/Sophomore pep rally.
Charlie Morris, Features Editor November 7, 2014
"As a younger school, I think it’s important to build traditions to build alumni.” ~Scales

Students and community prepares for the Skinny Turkey race

Students and community prepares for the Skinny Turkey race
Charlie Morris, Features Editor October 31, 2014
“What works the best is to have moderate running four or five days a week with one day dedicated to speed and one day as the long run." -Schug

Wakefield Classic and Muscle Car Show

Participants at the Muscle and Classic Car Show admire various cars.
Brielle Cashdan, Staff Writer October 28, 2014
“There was a nice diversity of cars, from a first generation Corvette to a modified 800 Horsepower Audi R8." -Hart
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