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Aspiring teachers prepare for the future

Helen Vogiatzis is one of the many student teachers at Wakefield High School.
Kate Meikle, Copy Editor March 7, 2016

A 2016 report from WUNC North Carolina Public Radio shows that there has been a 30 percent decrease in education department applicants in the past five years. Although this statement is alarming, those...

Students respond to Wakefield’s new BYOD policy

Wakefield student uses his mobile device in class to assist him with his work.
Jenni Goldstein, Features Editor February 10, 2016
“There are some downsides, such as technology not responding the way you want it to,” said Mason Hill. “It can be easier to get off topic or distracted since you have the whole internet right in front of you. However, the students would become more technologically advanced and perform better in future jobs, as most jobs are moving toward a more technologically advanced state.”

Seniors anxiously await college acceptance letters

Senior, Owen Drugan received a letter of acceptance from The University of South Carolina.
Jillian Kerzner, Copy Editor January 7, 2016
“It's not just a letter, it decides the next four to six years of your life”

Wakefield Orchestra plays for North Carolina Symphony

Emily Callahan, Features Editor January 7, 2016
“It was an amazing opportunity. Many of the symphony musicians were eager to learn about us and some of our students were able to ask them questions to help them improve their musicianship.” -Booth

School’s out, scream and shout

Some of the senior early graduates pose for a photo.
Kennedy Little, Business Editor January 7, 2016
"I am counting down the minutes until I am out." -Megan Mallory

Wakefield’s Peter Pan flying high to Pieces of Gold 2016

Elise Corson and Kyle Yeomans will perform at Pieces of Gold.
January 7, 2016

Peter Pan stars Kyle Yeomans and Elese Corson will be performing “Big Adventure” at the Pieces of Gold showcase at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium this March. Yeomans, who plays Peter Pan, and Corson,...

How we cram for exams

Students review for their final exams in class.
Alexa Cook, Staff Editor January 6, 2016

With the semester almost over preparations for the New Year are beginning with anticipation. Only one thing stands in the way now: finals. Exams are notorious for draining most students’ minds of joy...

Retirement gives Duffy a new philosophy on life

Duffy puts her feet in the Hudson Bay to mark the beginning of her new polar bear expedition.
Laurie Diggett, Staff Writer December 9, 2015

Jean Duffy, a former media specialist at Wakefield High School, has begun to cross things off of her bucket list. In the past year alone, Duffy has been to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, allowing the different...

Technology takes a turn with BYOD

Jenni Goldstein and Jordon Myers December 8, 2015
“Currently, the use of electronic devices is at the discretion of the classroom teacher,” said Stockdale. “BYOD just reinforces that – but also eliminates the guess work of whether it is okay to use electronics on any given day.”

Community celebrates Thanksgiving festivities

A table is prepared for Thanksgiving.
Jillian Kerzner, Copy Editor November 16, 2015
“It is a much needed break and a good time to acknowledge how lucky and grateful I am for the life I have.”

Anti-Bullying Week aims to heal

Members of the anti-bullying club gather around for a group photo during anti-bullying week.
Kate Meikle, Copy Editor November 13, 2015

Anti-Bullying Week is a world-wide week of recognition during the third week of November aimed to raise awareness about the bullying of children and the general youth. The week is dedicated to highlighting...

Partridge leaves a lasting legacy at Wakefield

Jenni Goldstein, Features Editor October 21, 2015
"She had a hard life growing up," said Lipscomb. "So I think for a lot of the students who have complicated family lives, come from impoverished homes or have had to deal with adult things at a really young age, she connected with them in a way that no one else could."
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