The Howler

Wakefield Theatre Company takes on new, challenging themes

Allie Mariotte ,Maverick Vo, Ella Raftery, Jessica Rinker, Jessica Hudson, and Quinn Normans perform
Khaki McCrabb, Staff Writer December 5, 2016
“It’s a fictional story based on true events, so Oliver is not actually a real person, but there are thousands of Olivers out there getting lost in the shuffle. You still see stuff like that today in our society, and it’s sad, [but] we find love, we find our family, our home, and everything is good with the world.” ~Orsett

Millennials cast their vote for change

Students who vote for the first time enjoy displaying their civic duty.
Katelyn Sajewicz and Michael Magnuson December 2, 2016
“ I stood with my candidate to attempt to withhold the presidency [from someone who I don’t agree with],” Jones said. “To protect the future of my classmates and the younger generations.”

Wakefield Black Student Union initiates discussion by peacefully protesting

Emily Callahan, Khaki McCrabb, & Katelyn Sajewicz, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Staff Writer, & Co-Opinions Editor November 17, 2016

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Haunted House frightens both students and staff

Wakefield High School Theatre gives a scare to those attending the Haunted House.
Christina Rascoe, Student Life Editor November 9, 2016
“We get to be creative and go as big and bold as we want to be. It is reassuring as an officer to see everyone come together and put on this cool thing.” ~Scott

After nine years freshmen reunite with main campus

 A freshman taking a test in World History during smart lunch.
Emily Callahan and Chinma Ngumoha, Co-Editor-in-Chief & Staff Writer October 14, 2016
“For nine years, we were on two different campuses, three miles apart, and all of a sudden one year we’re back under the same roof." ~Wolfe

AP exams yield possibility of college credit

Students begin AP testing.
Emily Callahan, Features Editor May 9, 2016
“If you’re a student who has done really well in honors classes, it's time to step it up and consider taking AP classes next year." -Inscoe

Lives on the line

Sarah Panzau poses for the camera after she spoke to Wakefield's seniors.
Jillian Kerzner and Jenni Goldstein May 9, 2016
“Just Think First raises awareness for drinking and driving,” said Wells. “The numbers of teenagers dying in car accidents is astronomical, whether it is a result of alcohol or not.”

Operation Graduation: helping seniors make the final leap

Students begin to gather in the library for Operation Graduation after school.
Rebecca Fiely, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 21, 2016
“Operation Graduation is another way we can support seniors. It is to make sure everyone makes it across that stage in June.” -Alston

Seniors awaiting the future during the last weeks before graduation

Wakefield Seniors line up down the hall of the school.
Kate Meikle, Copy Editor April 19, 2016
“I don’t take my backpack out of my car unless I absolutely have to." -Kimball

The current state of the United States presidential race

Jordon Myers, Staff Writer April 5, 2016

 The 2016 presidential race is off to a hot start, with many polarizing candidates in the running. However, the race seems to be focused mainly on a few key candidates, ranging from the extremely liberal...

Winterblast energizes winterguard performers

Winterguard members pose for a picture after Winterblast.
Jenni Goldstein, Features Editor March 23, 2016
“The most important thing that I like to see is students growing as performers. I really like being able to coach students who have done this for years because I really get to see how they reach their full potential.” -Johnson

Wakefield Chorus takes a bite out of the Big Apple

The men and women's chorus poses for a photo.
Emily Callahan, Features Editor March 23, 2016

The men and women’s chorus ensembles made the long trek to New York City from Raleigh on March 16 for a trip with a detailed itinerary. From an invitation to sing at Carnegie Hall, to viewing a play...

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