DIY Fall Earrings + Necklace

Kaylee Jacobs, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Though shopping can be fun, price tags on some jewelry can spoil any shopper’s mood. By DIY-ing, you have the control to create something truly your own. Keep reading to learn how to make this simple earring and necklace set with this step by step tutorial. 


  • wire
  • a variety of beads
  • bead string
  • jump rings 
  • dangle earring attachments
  • lobster clasp
  • round nose pliers
  • jewelry cutting pliers
  • 2 string clasps








Step One: Making the Loop


Start by gripping a piece of wire.

Loop the wire around the pliers.

Wrap the excess from the loop around the wire creating a spiral.

Step Two:


Bead the earrings in a pattern. Create another loop on the opposite end.

Step Three:

Add dangle earring attachments to either of the loops. You’re finished with the earrings!



Step One:

Measure two pieces of string to your desired length then add about an inch. Two strands of string allow a sturdier necklace. Tie a knot at one end with both strands.

Step Two:

Attach a string clasp. Slide a jump ring through the clasp and close it using pliers (picture 1).

Pinch the clasp with the pliers (picture 2).

Step Three:


String the beads in a pattern that matches the earrings.

Step Four:

Repeat step two on the opposite end. Continue attaching jump rings to create a chain. Attach the lobster clasp to either side using jump rings.