Spirit Week continues to unite Wakefield students


Staff Photo by Jenna Gagnon

The senior section of the prep rally, featuring head Wacko Jackie Lustgarten.

Homecoming: a week full of school spirit dressing up, pep rallies and a football game to wrap it all up. During spirit week, students and faculty come together and celebrate one thing we all have in common: the love we share for our school. However, homecoming wasn’t such an easy task to plan.

Throughout spirit week students dressed up in pajamas, Hawaiian gear, then chanted at the pep rally and participated in tailgates before the winning homecoming football game. Spirit week hosts many festivities so that everyone can be involved and connect with each other.

Emily Scales, Digital Media teacher, advises the Student Government to coordinate all of the planning.

“Everything has to be coordinated,” Scales said, “planning all the events, publicizing everything and making sure the administration is okay with everything we are doing.”

A few seniors pose in their Wakefield attire on Homecoming day.

Scales explains that organizing the fun-filled week requires help from others and takes two and a half months to plan.

“Ms. Bentley and I run things together but it’s good because we can divide and conquer,” Scales said. “The kids from Student Council come in and we start planning right at the beginning of August.”

Senior Tristyn Morgan is the student body vice president and is responsible for planning prom, pep rally and homecoming. 

“Student council is very involved in school spirit and we try to create events that all types of people in the school will participate in,” Morgan said. “I have the opportunity to hear everyone’s ideas and implement them into the school events we plan.” 

Football games are one of the most popular ways students show school spirit, especially during homecoming. Senior Jackie Lustgarten is the Head Wacko and attends most home football games. She is responsible for picking themes for the games, increasing game participation and spirit, and making sure to inform the student body through social media about the games. 

Staff Photo by Jenna Gagnon
The Homecoming late-night kickback was tons of fun and great memories were made.

“Being Head Wacko to me is an honor,” Lustgarten said. “I love getting the chants going at our games and stepping out with the other Head Wackos, Cole Pirrung and Davis Holmes.”

Senior Varsity football player JaKobi Randolph had the honor of winning homecoming king alongside homecoming queen Kayla Holloway.

“When I won, I was surprised and honored,” Randolph said. “I love the overall atmosphere that spirit week provides and it brings good energy going into the football game.”

School spirit not only focuses on the students but also affects the school’s image as a whole.

“The students that get into school spirit have a better high school experience,” Scales said.