Senior, Gabby Klutch

Gabriella Kluch

I’m going to be honest – I was never very involved in Wakefield High School, even despite being here for all four years. I never wanted to be involved either. From freshman to junior year, I didn’t give my lack of involvement a second thought. However, during the summer before senior year, I made a decision that I look back at with pride. I would become one with the W. I joined the school newspaper, The Howler, and began to give my time and effort to clubs and organizations. The newspaper helped me develop my writing skills, get to know my classmates more, and get real-world experience. I will never forget the friendships I made in that class because it was enthralling to be part of a small class where everyone was like family. From become more engaged in my school environment, I grew as a person. I am forever thankful to the people who made Wakefield an amazing senior year experience – you all know who you are. I feel like I have developed in every way imaginable, and I feel that Wakefield High School was the right place for such personal achievement. The friends I’ve made, the memories I’ve created, the lessons I had to learn, were all worth it in forming the person who I am today. I cannot wait to continue my journey in college and wherever else the future holds for me. A part of me is emotional and heartbroken over the ending of a chapter that I am just now becoming comfortable with, but I am so much more excited and eager to begin a new chapter. The future is mine to shape, just like the rest of my graduating classmates. It is our time. Let’s thank Wakefield High School and turn the page.

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