Writer’s Records volume III: Growing season


Enjoy these compiled songs to inspire growth this springtime. 

  • Growing Season // Love You Later


“This weather wraps around me like a blanket. I have not felt this in a long time, in a long time.  / My friends, they answer when I call them my love, my friends, but I forget to call them in foolishness. / Oh, I’m changing with the leaves, but the leaves are changing me.”


  • Chinese New Year // SALES


“It’s time for renovation. It’s time for us to make a change. It’s time for a Chinese new year. It’s time for me to make a way.”


  • Taking Care of Things // Cavetown


“I’m gonna take care of things, ‘cuz they’re not where I want them right now. I know there’s good in everything, and it’ll show itself when you’re gentle to it.”


  • A Burning Hill // Mitski


“So, today I will wear my white button down. I can at least be neat, walk out, and be seen as clean. And I’ll go to work, and I’ll go to sleep, and I’ll love the littler things. I’ll love some littler things.”


  • Long Wave // Bonny Doon


“Don’t spend your whole life waiting on the turning of the season of your mind. You are who you’re supposed to be.”


  • Let’s Find an Out // Snail Mail


“You’re always coming back a little older, but it looks alright on you. / Let’s find an out. We’ll start anew.”


  • The Other Side // Conan Gray


“I hope all of our dreams are kept fragrant, and I’ll meet you on the pavement when we make it to the other side.”


  • Map On A Wall // Lucy Dacus


“But I feel fine and I made up my mind, to live happily, feeling beautiful beneath the trees above a ground that’s solid at the core. // But here we are and something about it doesn’t feel like an accident. We’re all looking for something to adore and how to survive the bending and breaking. Oh please, don’t make fun of me, with my heart of gold and my restless soul.

Oh please, don’t make fun of me. This smile happens genuinely. If you want to see the world, you have to say goodbye, cause a map does no good hanging on a wall.”