Putting the finishing touches on prom: dresses and boutoneers


Staff Photo by Tatyiana Davis

An FFA corsage made by students here at Wakefield High School.

Alllie Mariotte, Photography Editor

It’s that time of year! Prom season! Promposals are in full swing, groups are forming, reservations are being made and girls everywhere can’t decide on where to find their perfect prom dress. Here are some great websites, stores and suggestions to help find the perfect prom dress!

Staff Photo by Anthony Howard
Senior Priyanka Rai purchased her prom 2019 dress at Windsor.

Macy’s is a great way to buy a prom dress, especially if one is looking for the “trying on prom dresses” experience! Bring mom or some friends, and try on as many dresses possible until the perfect dress is found.

“Getting opinions from my friends and family really helped me made my decision,” said senior Jessica Morgan.

Their prices are reasonable between 150 to 250 dollars with the exception of a few reaching 500 dollars. Macy’s has all the latest styles for every person. Mermaid, ball gown, short, two pieces, etc… they have all of the styles.  When purchasing the perfect gown there is a roster to check if anyone else has the same dress, this way, no one will match on the big day.

Lulus is a great, inexpensive online dress store that has dresses in many styles! Senior Emily Lagnese bought her dress from there last year and was very pleased.

“My dress was of good quality, it was really pretty and looked just like the picture. It was such a low price for such a nice dress,” Lagnese said.

Lulu’s prices on average are below 200 dollars. The only thing to watch out for is sizing.

“ It was a little long when it came in, so I got it altered,” Lagnese said.

When ordering online, be sure to order way in advance. If any alterations need to be made, they can be done on time.


Staff photo by Gabriele Klutch
Senior Gabby Klutch tries on prom dresses at Dillards

RenzRagz is a great company based in San Diego, California, who has custom made dresses for a reasonable price! What’s also really cool about their site is that the style is very whimsical, and it is very unlikely that two people at prom will be twinning in a RenzRags dress. The company is accurate with their measurements so when the dress arrives it fits like a glove. The only precautions that would need to be taken are to order the dress at least two months in advance to give them time to make and ship it.

Borrowing a dress from a friend is always a great option for a budget, especially when going to prom as a sophomore. This is what sophomore Jordyn Braughtman is doing for prom this year. Brautman is excited to be borrowing a dress from a friend.

“It’s a tradition dress, two years ago when my friend was a sophomore, she wore that dress to prom, so this year since I got asked to prom and I’m the sophomore in the senior group I get to wear the dress,” Braughtman said.

Borrowing from a friend and saving money for prom dresses in the future is a great way to start off someone’s prom experience.

Corsages and Boutonnieres can actually be found here at Wakefield High School. There is a great opportunity for students to get cheap and beautiful corsages and boutineers from the Future Farmers of America (FFA) group. Senior Abby Fetzer is in charge of corsage and boutonniere sales.

“It’s way cheaper than other corsages,” Fetzer said.

The prices are almost half of a regular florist,  There will be a Google form up on the FFA website to purchase corsages and boutineers.  

“It’s 15 dollars for one corsage or one boutonniere and 25 dollars for both,” Fetzer said.

There will be a Google form up on the FFA website to purchase corsages and boutineers.  

Prom is an exciting milestone in one’s high school career! That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! Hopefully, these tips and websites will help people look good at prom and not go broke doing so.