2019 brings unique trends to prom


Graphic by Audrey Delgado

Prom night is less than a month away, and our juniors and seniors are scrambling to get their outfits together. Upon doing my own shopping these past few weeks, I’ve noticed some distinct dress styles for 2019.

The most prominent dress style came as quite a surprise to me. Coming off of 2015-2018’s edgy looks, 2019 is unique in its simplicity. This year the popular styles are traditional, timeless looks. The stores are filled with long, A-line dresses, many of which are red. Along with those, many have a delicate sparkle our moms would adore.

A more modern trend that began last year is standing its ground. The popularity of floral dresses is on the rise; however, the style is adapting. Last year’s floral patterns had bold, big, and colorful satin black skirts with matching crop tops. This year, they are more casual. Fitting for the coming warm weather, these dresses look almost like sundresses, with small flowers sprinkled overflowing skirts.

This year’s color roster includes the usual navy blues and pinks, but also a few options unique to 2019. Some of the most abundant colors in stores are maroon and dark green. A popular shape this year is a soft mermaid. The shape is has made a resurgence this year; it gently hugs the curves of its wearer and flows out at mid-thigh.

Another pivotal change of 2019’s prom is in the way that people shop. The popularity of online-only stores has exploded. It has been commonplace to shop online for years, but prom dress shopping has been excluded from it until this year. Ordering a dress makes the experience much more convenient, given it is purchased from a trusted site.

Many people don’t realize that such a variation is also apparent in suit styles. Despite a lack of awareness of tuxedo trends, they often compliment the dresses of the same year.

Following a theme of elegance this year, many of our boys are waiting to find out their date’s dress color before getting their tie. This little detail compliments the cohesive, classic look taking over this year’s prom.

A unique fashion choice can be found in the return of colorful bow-ties. The pop of color sets their wearers apart from the other students. As an accessory, these tastefully allow teens to look more natural in fancy suits. Similarly, a delicate aesthetic is reappearing in the form of pastel button-ups. Overall, colors are being used to differentiate outfits from the norm.

This year’s prom is unique in its variety of distinct styles, in both the dresses and suits. The dresses, ironically, are breaking a trend by returning to the dress’ more classical roots. A timeless trend is always welcomed, however, the progression of the recently introduced floral patterns will catch your eye in this year’s prom. Students may stress out about prom outfits, but they should always remember that the most beautiful accessory is their smile.