Dazed by ‘The Story of God with Morgan Freeman’

Everyone has questions about the world. What happens when we die? Will there be an end of the world? We all have our own predictions. In the National Geographic documentary series, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, we learn some perspectives and answers to some of these questions.

Some of us follow a religion, some of us don’t. Some of us follow various beliefs from various religions, or none at all. Famous actor Morgan Freeman traveled all around the world to discuss various religious ideas with authentic believers.

Freeman went to destinations like Egypt, Jerusalem, Mexico, China and India to learn about their unique culture and religions.

The feedback that Freeman received encourages us to consider other opinions in the outcomes of the world. Specifically, he gets multiple insights from strong believers in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other common religions in the world.

Freeman traced the formation of religions and sought the answers to questions like how we were created, what happens after we die, if there will be an end to the world, if God(s) exist, and where evil comes from. These are all common questions that we don’t have the answers to.

The documentaries are split by question, so Freeman is able to devote a whole episode to each curiosity that society has about religion and life-after-death. This documentary series is not long, and it provides a lot of interesting and beautiful insight about the religions of the world.

One perspective that research diver, David Bennett, shares with Freeman was fascinating. On one of his trips at sea, a storm came and Bennett’s crew was trapped in the 30-foot waves. Bennett was pulled under water and experienced a near death experience that changed his view on life and religion.

Bennett was under the water for roughly 18 minutes. Not a single breath of air was pulled into his lungs in that period of time. What Bennett says about his experience is the most intriguing part.

These are all common questions that we don’t have the answers to.”

“I noticed this light. It was millions upon millions of fragments of light. As I approached this mass of light, was a familiar home. It was like a relationship that was so much deeper than any relationship I’d ever had here,” Bennett said in the documentary, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Bennett had noted that he was not a supporter of any specific religion, but his experience led him to believe that there is a God and another life beyond death. This concept is ridiculously hard to grasp, but he is not the only individual to report this type of near-death experience.

My main takeaway from the documentary is the fact that you don’t have to be in a religion to believe in life after death. Learning more about religions other than my own was an eye-opener to how similar our overall beliefs are to each other, and the most efficient way to learn about other’s beliefs is to listen to the discussions that Morgan Freeman has on his documentary, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.