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Any user of hair ties unites on one recurring problem: our hair always gets wrapped around and tangled in them, they easily break and almost always get lost. So many individuals in the United States have been accompanied by the small ripple of fabric hugging their wrists, also known as scrunchies.

In the late 80s and early 90s, scrunchies were created by Rommy H. Revson. They were a huge breakthrough invention and remained popular throughout the 90s. However, few individuals continued to use them until 2018, when they reemerged in popular clothing stores like Pacsun and American Eagle.

These small accessories may not seem appealing to some individuals, but to those with medium-to-long hair, they are a pretty impressive invention. Hair ties and elastics cause hair damage and headaches from their persistent tugging. They also become lost and break fairly easily.

Since they have an elastic in them as well, scrunchies keep a solid hold on hair. However, the tube of fabric around it prevents hair from getting tangled in it and creasing. Scrunchies are also decorative, so keeping it on the wrist is in fashion and beneficial.

Stores are selling scrunchies in all colors, fabrics and sizes. Comfort colors and velvet scrunchies have been recent best sellers. Some shops are selling smaller scrunchies to fit the half-up-half-down hairstyle trend of 2017 and 2018. This move allowed both of these trends to advance onto the heads and wrists of the country.

The favorable scrunchie trend continues to stroll into the 2019 year, serving looks on the heads of women and men around the country day by day.

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